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Nigerian Women Treated Like TRASH- By Daniel Williams

Nigerian women have to live in a society where they are treated as second class citizens.

No matter what you have achieved, people are going to question when you are going to get married because that’s apparently all you’re good for.

As a woman, if you have to report a case to the police, they will ask you to call your husband/brother/father or boyfriend because apparently you as an adult woman, you can’t be trusted to report something that happened to you.

How are you going to report domestic abuse to the same police asking you to come with your husband? Even if you did, you would be told “it’s a family matter”.

Let me ask those painting a picture of a life they know nothing about some questions. Do you even know what the average Nigerian woman faces?

What about people blaming you for the crash of your marriage? Not your husband, you.

What about being blamed for your husband hitting you? And when you open up to talk about it, you are blamed some more.

What about servicemen asking for your husband, boyfriend, father or brother when things need to be repaired in your house?

What about people blaming you for sexual assaults? Not your attacker, you. Telling you things like “why did you wear that?”, “It’s your fault for tempting him” and many more.

What about male compatriots telling you to shut up because you’re a woman & shouldn’t be talking where men are?

What about getting married off before you’re ready? Getting pulled out of school to become a wife? Getting VVF while giving birth?

What about your husband treating you like a second class human being because you had the audacity to give birth via C-section?

What about being sexually assaulted and harassed with your attacker telling you that you ought to be pleased because you’re beautiful?

What about being treated like you don’t matter because you’re female and would end up bearing another man’s surname? Being educated last because your brother(s) are more useful to the family than you are?

What about everyone believing that every material thing you have acquired is as a result of you laying on your back & opening your legs for it?

What about being slut shamed, single shamed because you’re a woman who wouldn’t conform to the nonsense patriarchial nature of your society?

What about men calling you a “man hater” because you dare to demand better treatment for yourself and other women?

What about men raping women, female children as young as 2/3 years old?

What about you Nigerian men labelling any woman or girl who refuses your advances, a prostitute aka ashewo?

What about believing all a woman is good for is cooking your food & bearing your children?

Before you come here [right][/right]and preach what you don’t know, ask your sisters, mothers and aunts. They will tell you because your privilege blinds you to most of it.



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