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Cyprus Woman Confesses How Her Husband Convinces Her To Kill Their Landlord In North Cyprus

Woman who killed her landlord on Tuesday with the help of her husband has confessed in court that she did it on her husband’s request.
The couple, Meryem Doğu, 35 and Mehmet, 39 attacked their landlord and stabbed him to death in what they describe as honour killing on Tuesday last week at Zeytinlik Street in Alsancak North Cyprus after accusing him of harassing his wife.
They were arraigned in court on Friday for murder charges.
According to Meryem, she had killed Memduh Ulgun at the request of her husband.
They were ordered to remain in police custody for another seven days.
Investigation by the police revealed that the victim Memduh Ulugun was in the couple’s house in the morning and they talked.
Police said an examination of messages on Meryem’s phone confirmed that there was a heart-to-heart relationship between Meryem and Ulugi with images on her phone revealing they were together reports, Turkish Cypriot daily, Havadis.
The accused, Meryem claimed the victim allegedly raped her but police say there was no evidence to support the rape allegations following an examination conducted on hr by a gynecologist.



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