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Free Glo data for subscribers


Globacom has introduced a new data offer , which guarantees its data subscribers a free access to the Internet for a whole day.
The telecommunications company said that the new offer , ‘ Free Data Day ’ , had been programmed to give subscribers on the network that met the threshold of voice or data usage, 200 megabytes , usable throughout the day for all data – related activities .
“ The offer is open to all Glo subscribers , ” a statement from the telecoms company said .
The Globacom ’ s Zonal Business Coordinator , Lagos , Adebola Omoboya , said that the offer would allow subscribers on the Glo network to browse the Internet free of charge for a whole day .
According to him , subscribers who want to enjoy the Free Data Day are expected to spend a certain amount or more on calls in the preceding seven days to a free data day or spend at least N 150 on voice calls .

“ They are also expected to use a minimum of 100 MB of data in the preceding seven days to the free data day from any or a combination of methods such as ‘Pay as you use ’ , purchase of data plan ’ and usage from existing data plan , ” Omoboya said .
He said that the offer “ is easy to access as the qualified customers will be notified when they have met the threshold for the Free Data Day . ”
He said that they would not be required to dial any code to opt in or subscribe to any platform before enjoying the benefits.
“ When a customer qualifies for the offering , the customer will be able to enjoy free data usage throughout that day , ” he said .

Similarly , the company announced the launch of ‘Glo Welcome Back ’ , an offer that will give customers who have not utilised the Glo network in 30 days , with free credit when they recharge their lines.
“ The credit can be used to browse , send text messages and make calls ,” the telecom Giant  said .
Details of the offer showed that subscribers could access the free airtime based on the amount of recharge made and subject to a maximum amount .



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1 Comment

  1. Onyenankeya Jecinta

    July 25, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    That is nice I love it

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