Mobile Phone: Things You Must Remember Always

How would you feel if your mobile phone just got snatched or just fell in hot water? As a user of mobile phones, ask yourself these questions: what will I miss most if my phone gets lost; what sensitive information is supposed to be private that are saved on my phone and the implication of such information being made public; what will happen to contacts on my phone if anything should happen to my phone right now? These and lots more are questions we need to keep on our mind daily as we use our phones. At any point in time, something could make us lose our mobile phone – accidents, thieves, hazards, spoilage etc. What matters then will be if you have always asked yourself the above questions.

#1 Regular Backup: Whether cloud storage or external storage, always remember to backup your phone in case of eventualities for it is when we have lost our phone that we often realize the important information we have lost. Backup important files in case it is lost. Don’t forget to also do SIM backup. This will help you retrieve all contacts saved unto your SIM Card(s).

#2 Be wise, think security: In all you do with your mobile phone, be conscious of security. Be careful of how you save contacts, the videos you store, the private chats and notes you often make with your phone, the voice recorded etc. Be always conscious because anything could happen to your phone anytime. Is your BVN stored on your mobile phone, what about your credit card details and those explicit pictures you took while in the bathroom? Remember, once your phone is stolen, all in it become unsafe.

#3 Your phone IMEI: Would you want to ‘fry’ your phone after it is stolen and render it useless forever? Do you want your phone tracked for possible retrieval? These and some other important steps can be taken if only you have your IMEI or other apps installed on your phone. But how many of us have our IMEI stored safely anywhere?

#4 Proper SIM Card Registration: One other thing that could make you cry when you lose your phone is your SIM Card(s). If your SIMs are not properly registered, retrieving your line may be impossible. How would you feel right now if you lose your phone and can’t retrieve your SIM forever too? Think about this always.


When we lose our phones, we cry not just because of the cost of getting another one but because then we realize the invaluable information we have stored in our phones without backups and without security-consciousness. Now that you still have your phone with you, please take your time to review the content of your phone and do proper backup of your phone to avoid stories that touch for what make people cry uncontrollably when their phone is lost is beyond just the money of buying another phone. Think safety, think ahead!





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