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Terrible Cooking Habits You Need To Stop

When it comes to culinary skills, you may have some bad habits that you’re not even aware of. These practices may be keeping your meal from being tasty, while others may actually be dangerous to your health.

Overheating your cooking oil.
It is wrong to wait to wait until you see wisps of smoke before you start cooking. This is because when oil is overheated to its smoke point, it starts to break down and lose its beneficial antioxidants thereby forming harmful compounds. These compounds are harmful to the body.

Stirring Your food too much

It’s tempting to stir your food to prevent burning. Doing this prevents browning—a flavor booster you get by letting your food sit on the cooker. Endeavor to resist the urge to constantly stir.

Overfilling your pot

It may be quicker to fill your pot to the brim with ingredients, but doing this can eventually slow cooking. Consequently, this will cause your food to steam and not give you the real result you are looking for.

Leaving your utensils carelessly
Leaving your utensils on the counter is very unhealthy because they are likely to pick tiny bits of dirt which may find its way into your food. Hence, be careful with your utensils.

Seasoning food at the end
If you want a delicious, perfectly-seasoned meal, don’t wait too long to add your seasoning. Seasoning at the end of the cooking process means they won’t have a chance to develop and fully mix to give your food the required taste.

Forgetting to wash your hands

This is one of the simplest cooking tips everyone should know and practice but surprisingly many do not. They simply walk into the kitchen and commence cooking without washing their hands. Doing this will only expose you bacteria infections.

So there you have it. I am sure you are guilty, just as i am, of at least one of the aforementioned bloops.



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