Type 2 diabetes: PA a simple solution

Type 2 diabetes: PA a simple solution

Diabetes is a disorder characterised by impaired metabolism of carbohydrate, lipid and protein. It is generally understood to be perpetual increased blood sugar level above normal. This is because the blood sugar aren’t transported into the cells where it is used as fuel thereby causing an overload of sugar in the blood as more carbohydrates are ingested as well as innate synthesis by the liver. The body though keeps on going through consumption of more lipids and proteins than normal, using them as an alternative source of fuel.

The question then arise why is the sugar in blood not transported into the cells?

The reason is for glucose (basic sugar) to get into cells (not all body cells but majorly the muscle cells) a hormone called insulin is required. This hormone is produced naturally in the body by an organ called the pancreas which is why normal individuals have no diabetes. It is worthy of mention at this junction the types of diabetes. There are two types:

  1. Type 1 diabetes: which occurs due to absence of insulin in the blood because the pancreas is destroyed. It accounts for few of diabetic cases. And usually affect young people.
  2. Type 2 diabetes: it accounts for over 90% of diabetic cases and occurs due to cells losing their sensitivity to insulin. Affects elderly mostly. Its onset is typically seen from age 45. In this case insulin is abundant but yet there is increased blood sugar concentration. If you are following you would understand that diabetes in case of type 2 is not dependant on insulin as insulin is present in blood but yet diabetes persists.

A large chunk of our elderly today are living with this chronic ailment. Diabetes (type 2) is no alien to us and is responsible for reduced quality of life in millions of post 50year olds of our dear country (and the world at large), it’s now a constant issue in infirmaries, diabetes complications: patients with gangrene; neuropathy; nephropathy; atherosclerosis; hypertension etc. all of this secondary to chronic elevated blood sugar.

So what is this simple solution PA?

We are all conversant with losses diabetes has caused to us, family, friends etc. But then nature gifted us a means of preventing it complications, leaving a full life without paying a penny which is PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (PA). As the name implies PA means all actions we carry out with our body involving our muscles and skeletal system. It is referred to as exercise if it is planned and intended to obtain fitness or lose weight.

Studies carried out by many advanced health institutions have established that exercise do control blood glucose level to normal or close to normal in type 2 diabetic patients. This is because during exercise and after by about 72 hours the mechanism by which glucose (sugar) leaves the blood and gets into the cells is:

  1. Independent of insulin pathway
  2. Increased sensitivity of insulin to cells

By the above two mechanisms blood sugar level is reduced to normal for around 72 hours, going by the numbers: exercise 3 times at least a week and proper diet is sufficient for a type 2 diabetic patient to live a full life. It is sad to hear but particularly in Nigeria exercise is left for the youngsters.

Verdict: to any type 2 diabetic patient who have read this, include in your weekly routine at least 30 minutes exercise for three days, strive and keep it up and see the difference in 3 months. To the non-diabetics, do forward to those who need to read this.

Written by Isyaku Yusuf.



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